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Neurodivergent people don't need therapy simply for being neurodivergent, but the world is a tricky place. Therapy can equip you with tools to help you navigate new situations while staying true to yourself.


I practice under a neurodiversity-affirming paradigm. I do not teach social skills or engage in behavior modification.

Together, we can work through the distress that results from living in a world that was not built to accommodate us.


Topics in our sessions may include:

  • Burnout & masking

  • Trauma

  • Unemployment

  • Social anxiety & miscommunication

  • Sensory overload

  • Finding your people & building identity


Note: Under my credentials, I cannot administer psychological testing to assess for neurodevelopmental disorders (including Autism and ADHD).

Insurance & Fees

I contract billing services through Seattle Neurocounseling PLLC in order to take the following insurances: Aetna, Cigna, Kaiser, Premera, Regence and Molina (limited openings)

Cash pay is an option that is still undergoing review.

Request an Appointment

I have openings for new clients as of 4/9/24.

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